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A picture of me, sitting in a park in Vienna.I am Vanessa, passionate about our planet and its inhabitants. I lived and studied earth sciences and environment & resource management in Amsterdam for 6 years. Currently I am back in my home country of Austria, living in Vienna.

Because I didn’t even understand climate change during my bachelor’s, even though I had multiple lectures about it, I really learned about the power of good communication. Everything changed for me when I came to Amsterdam and I had teachers who really knew how to explain those complex things. I thought to myself how terrible this lack of good science communication is and that’s why I got into science communication and content creation.

I firmly believe that knowledge is power. After I learned about the issue, I was also willing to change my life and even more, demand change through protests, voting and voicing my concerns publicly. And I hope to inspire and be inspired by you through this community.


But if you know, you can act.


I created this blog with 4 categories as they are the 4 things that I think we can all contribute or engage with. 

  1. Environment – the science category. Here I write about climate and environmental science, sometimes also political science and social theories. If there’s anything you’d like to know, I am always glad to hear from you and know what you would be interested in. (hit me up in the top header under ‘message me’ or DM me on Instagram @misscomfypants)
  2. My EcoLife – here I write about my personal life, how I implement a more sustainable life without leaving my comfort zone. I also write about things that are easy for me, things that challenge me and products I found useful on this journey. Since I am dealing with mental health issues every now and again, you may find articles about that in this category as well – #ecoanxiety. In other words – this is basically my diary.
  3. Recipes – since we all eat on a daily basis, it’s important to keep in mind that our choices have an impact on the environment. A plant-based diet has a much lower environmental footprint than a meat-based diet. Now don’t leave, I am not saying you have to go vegan. I am not vegan, I eat cheese and for example when I’m somewhere I also eat a non-vegan cake. And, when I started with a plant-based diet, I initially only quit eating meat for some days a week. So, do it on your own terms. I hope you can find some inspiration in my recipes. Oh, and I’ll also share the occasional DIY recipe there.
  4. Travel – I love to travel. Because I did not have a lot of money during my studies, I was unable to follow that passion as much as I wanted to. But still, we went to a bunch of beautiful places. You will find my travel guides and recommendations in this category and how you can travel on a budget more sustainably and support the local culture.

Alright, I am so happy that you are here and now, let’s do this!

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