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A picture of me, sitting in a park in Vienna.I am Vanessa, passionate about our planet and its inhabitants. I lived and studied environmental sciences and environment & resourcemanagement in Amsterdam for 6 years. Currently I am back in my home country of Austria, living in Vienna.

Because I didn’t even understand climate change during my bachelor’s at the University of Innsbruck even though I had multiple lectures about it, I really learned about the power of good communication. Everything changed for me when I came to Amsterdam and I had teachers who really knew how to explain those complex things. I thought to myself how terrible it is when the communication of (some) scientists is so bad that no one started working on solving this issue that can eliminate life on Earth as we know it. That’s why I got into science communication and content creation.

I firmly believe that knowledge is power. After I learned about the issue, I was also willing to change my life and even more, demand change through protests, voting and voicing my concerns publicly. And I think that many of you are the same. How would you tackle a problem if you don’t really know about it and it’s just this abstract thing you hear about in the news sometimes –> not at all, right?


But if you know, you can act.


That’s why I want to provide you with knowledge about the science in a way that it allowed me to understand it (so, easy to understand I hope). The science is pretty depressing and devastating though, so I want to provide you with solutions for your personal life as well. I want to provide hope because I just refuse to believe that we are unable to solve this.

There are 4 categories on this blog:

  1. Environment – the science category. Here I write about climate and environmental science, sometimes also political science and social theories. If there’s anything you’d like to know, I am always glad to hear from you and know what you would be interested in. (hit me up in the top header under ‘message me’)
  2. My EcoLife – here I write about my personal life, how I implement a more sustainable life without leaving my comfort zone. I also write about things that are easy for me, things that challenge me and products I found useful on this journey. Since I am dealing with mental health issues every now and again, you may find articles about that in this category as well – #ecoanxiety.
  3. Recipes – since we all eat on a daily basis, it’s important to keep in mind that our choices have an impact on the environment. A plant-based diet has a much lower environmental footprint than a meat-based diet. Now don’t leave, I am not saying you have to go vegan. I am not vegan, I eat cheese and for example when I’m somewhere I also eat a non-vegan cake or something. And, when I started with a plant-based diet, I initially only quit eating meat for some days a week. So, do it on your own terms. If you manage to have like 4 meat-free days a week, you already significantly reduce your personal footprint. I hope you can find some inspiration in my recipes. Oh and you can also find DIY recipes there, like for your own all purpose cleaner.
  4. Travel – I love to travel. Because I was freakin poor those past 6 years during my studies, I was unable to follow that passion as much as I wanted to. But still, we went to Thailand, Myanmar, Guatemala, Mexico and Belize. You will find my travel guides and recommendations in this category and how you can travel more sustainably and support the local culture.

Alright, I am so happy that you are here and now, let’s do this!

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