Creamy, Rich Hummus Bowl

Soul food lovers, brace yourselves, this one goes out to you! I developed this recipe in my head throughout a rainy Saturday and once I went into the kitchen I knew exactly what the outcome should taste like. I wanted a creamy, citrusy and slightly nutty hummus, garlicky eggplants, charred peppers, spicy sweet potatoes and […]

Banana pancakes – no eggs needed

People, I can not even begin to tell you how much I love breakfast or brunch. I love getting up a bit later on Saturdays and Sundays and prepare a big sweet and savory brunch for me and ma boy. I usually prepare like a salty spread for bread or scrambled tofu, I make tea […]

Sustainability – an attempt of a definition

There is a lot of talk about sustainability these days but I have the feeling that the conversation becomes more and more confusing. Since more people and companies are aiming for greener ways, the word sustainability is everywhere. There are sustainable lifestyle blogs, green living tips, sustainability conferences and agreements. All these things show steps […]

Pico de Gallo – a Must for Salsa Lovers!

I am writing this just a couple of days after coming home from a month traveling Central America. Unfortunately we brought home a severe infection from contaminated food in Guatemala. We both still can’t eat a lot, it’s more basic food like plane potatoes and rise for us at the moment. But we are starting […]

Comforting Creamy Mushroom Polenta

People, I did it! I made a polenta with mushroom sauce that changed everything. It is so good, I am drooling while I write this. I have changed the polenta game completely. In fact, it is so good, the world will come to peace if we all just share a bowl of this creamy goodness. […]

Budapest Budget Foodie Guide

This was a very spontaneous weekend trip for which we didn’t plan anything at all. Seriously! We went there by bus and booked the ticket on Friday at lunch time. Three hours later we had to be at the bus stop so, it was rapid packing and finishing off tasks. We booked our hotel on […]

Elderflower Recipes

Elderflower is a really healthy plant. For example, I had a chronical laryngitis for about 5 years, which often made me lose my voice at least once a month. My doctor didn’t know what to do anymore and told me to drink elderflower tea and inhale it. That’s the best thing I was ever told […]

The Water Cycle

Actually, this is the part of my series that I am most excited to write about. Water is my ‘specialty’, my expertise. Throughout my studies I have always focused on water in a chemical, an engineering, an ecological, a climatic and a political way. Water is my passion. Sounds a bit weird right? But for […]

Climate vs. Weather

This is the first part of my series on climate science. This post is about the term climate, how it is different to ‘weather’ and how it works. I hope this series will help you understand the complexities of climate change and why it is so important that we all start changing our lives bit […]

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