Little glass jar with a homemade, natural face cream. The background is white with dried flowers.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Part 2

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Alright Ladies and Gents, here’s part 2 for you. I hope you enjoyed part 1 and found some helpful insights and tips there.

5. Body Lotion – Solid Body Lotion

A solid body lotion bar with a floral imprint inside a metal box with flamingos on it saying Happy Every day. The background is white with some small dry flowers on it.
Homemade Solid Bodylotion Bar


Seriously, that’s a super-easy swap. A solid lotion bar simply looks so beautiful already, that you want to buy it. Now add that they usually come wrapped in paper or even unpacked, safe you plastic waste and micro plastics that are taken up by your skin and how much more do you need to be convinced?

Solid body lotion bar made with love by my mom

6. Regular Face Cream – Natural Cream

Little glass jar with a homemade, natural face cream. The background is white with dried flowers.
DIY natural facial cream

Natural, fluffy face cream from roses and lavender

There’s already quite an abundance of natural creams these days. I use one my mom makes with roses and lavender, I honestly never tried a store bought one. I would just recommend that you read what they contain as there are ‘natural’ cosmetic brands and actual natural ones. There shouldn’t be a handful of preservatives and stuff you don’t understand in them.

Check out this online shop for example, they host a lot of great, organic natural cosmetics and seem really trustworthy and helpful to me (not sponsored). Also, their products don’t come in plastic packages. Double win for you! For the guys: They also sell beard oil and stuff like that.

Handmade reusable face wipes from my friend wastelessAT. White Background with dried flowers.
Super-soft reusable wipes from the WasteLessAT Etsy shop

7. Cotton Pads & Face Wipes – Reusable Wipes

I’m excited about this one because I got my first pack of reusable facial wipes only recently from this lovely zero waste Etsy shop (not sponsored). This is such a handy swap!!! I love it. You’ll never run out of cotton pads ever again because you always have them at home. Just throw them in the washing machine and reuse, reuse, reuse them. The best part: They are as soft as they can be. Plus, you get to support a lovely young lady who’s starting her own business with this shop.

8. Plastic Toothbrush – Bamboo Brush or Happybrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are finding their way into regular drugstores these days and they’re not that hard to get anymore. Meaning: There is no excuse as to why you have to buy a plastic toothbrush, hah. They come with soft, medium and hard brushes, just like the regular ones and they work just like any toothbrush out there.

I used bamboo brushes for almost a year, until I got my Happybrush*. Happybrush is a German company, founded by 2 guys who used to work at big toothbrush brands and who talked to a lot of dentists to make the best, most honest and ethical electrical toothbrush they possibly can at this point in time. I really love it, it has 3 different modes, a nice design and I can get new brushes at my local drugstore for a good price.

9. Loofah – DIY/natural sponge

Homemade, knitted loofah for the shower. Made with a rough rope. Natural soap bar on top. Background is white.
Handmade Loofah

Loofah/sponge made from a natural rope. On top is a pure olive oil soap from my mom.

Now the guys might wonder when there’s something useful for you in this post again, and here it is. A loofah, you ask? Well, if you like to travel, especially to tropical countries or countries with a lot of mosquitoes or, if mosquitoes are haunting you at home, you’ll want to use a loofah.

When we travel, loofahs are lifesavers for the both of us. They peel your skin and get rid of old, dead skin cells which mosquitoes tend to find attractive in a victim. If you have a loofah, a lemon-y soap and a natural, often lemon-y mosquito spray, you are good to go. Now what to do about the plastic part?

Either buy a natural sponge, DIY your own loofah or, like I did, ask someone who is good with handcrafts to DIY one for you. I am no talent at all with knitting and stuff but luckily Mr. Comfypants’ mom is and she made the above loofah/sponge for us from a natural rope. It works perfectly!

10. Laundry Detergent – Homemade Detergent

Small bottle of homemade laundry detergent. Light colored image with dried flowers.
Homemade laundry detergent


This one may sound too time-consuming for some, at least I initially thought ugh, nope. Then we tried it and now we both love it. It’s easily made, lasts for a while and it’s things you just have at home or easily find in the shop. So, no last-minute run to the stores when you forgot your detergent, yey.

I tried 2 versions already, the laundry powder, which is quicker when you are already out of laundry powder, and the liquid detergent. I prefer the liquid one now, but the powder is just as fine (I promise to upload the recipe very soon and link it here!). Plus: You get to reuse your glass bottles, #zerowaste, right?


11. Cleaning Products – Vinegar

Collect the citrus peels from your oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins and/or grapefruits, put them in an air-tight glass jar, pack the jar tightly, add vinegar until all the peels are covered, leave it for 14-21 days et voilá, you have an awesome-smelling all purpose cleaner that works especially well in the kitchen and the bathroom. If you don’t have enough peels yet, you can also dry them and wait until you have enough. Find the instructions here.

What else?

Now I have told you the changes I made and please, I did not make all these changes in one go. It’s a step by step process. It’s no help if you throw out the stuff you already have. Use what you still have and replace what is finished with a more eco-conscious option.

I still want to swap my floss for an organic, biodegradable version, use wooden toothpicks instead of the plastic inter-dental ones and find a toothpaste that comes in a glass jar rather than a plastic tube. Another thing would be mascara because even the natural brands deliver them in plastic tubes.

I’m also just busy trying to make a natural face tonic together with my mom. Also Mr. Comfy is looking for a natural beard oil and a shaving soap that is not packed in plastic. So, this post will be updated as soon as we find these things somewhere close to us and as soon as we find brands that we feel good recommending to you. Or, as soon as we have recipes so you can make them yourselves.

I hope this was helpful and please let me know in the comments if you have any tips for natural brands or more swaps to make.

If you missed part 1, follow this link to read more.

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